Baby Development Checks - Dr Jacobs carries out the 6 week development check and the Practice Nurse will carry out the immunisations. 

Childhood Immunisations - a computerised recall system operates for children's immunisations, and the vaccinations will be given in conjunction with the Child Health Clinic.

Click here for the childhood immunisation schedule.  

Travel Vaccinations - with increasing numbers of people travelling abroad we recommend that you seek advice from our Nurse regarding the appropriate vaccinations for your destination.  In order to reduce your appointment time to see the Nurse you will need to fill out a pre-vaccination form which needs to be delivered to the surgery before your appointment (see the link below for the form). Please plan well ahead and book your appointment at least 6 weeks before you travel. 

Pre-Vaccination Holiday Form

Information about countries and vaccinations required can be found on the link below:

Joint Injections - Dr Jacobs carries out joint injections, please make an appointment with him to discuss.  

Family Planning

Our Doctors and our Nurse Practitioner offer family planning and contraceptive advice.  We are unable to fit coils.  If you require a coil fitting or changing then please read the information below. 

Monday Afternoon / Evening Clinic - this is for patients that are under 24 years old.  An appointment can be made or alternatively there is a drop in clinic from 3pm - 6.30pm. 

Tuesday Evening Clinic - this is for patients of any age and runs an appointment list and a drop in service from 5.30pm - 7.00pm.  The drop in clinic is limited and once the free slots are full then no more patients are able to be seen.  We recommend that patients make an appointment which can be done by telephoning 01772 401140 (9am - 5pm). 

Thursday Morning Clinic - this is also for patients of any age and is by appointment only. 

Cervical Smears - patients receiving recall letters for cervical smears will be invited to make an appointment with our Nurse. 

Maternity - all Doctors provide full antenatal and postnatal care.  The midwives have a clinic on a Thursday afternoon for antenatal care.  We will send you an appointment with Dr Jacobs for your postnatal check. 

Chronic Disease Management

  • Asthma & COPD - run by our Advanced Nurse Practitioner - all patients will be invited to attend once a year for an assessment and review of their medication.   
  • Diabetic - run by our Advanced Nurse Practitioner, all patients will be invited at least once a year to have a review of their condition. 
  • Heart Disease - all patients with heart disease will be invited to attend annually for routine blood tests and a full medical assessment with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner. 
  • Hypertension - all patients with hypertension will be invited to make an appointment for a blood pressure check.

Phlebotomy - all blood tests (including INR) will be carried out by a trained Phlebotomist in designated clinics - please enquire at reception for more information.   

Podiatry - patients who meet the following criteria can self refer to the Podiatry Services.  Self referral forms will be accepted in writing, please see referral form for details.

Referral Form                   

Medicals - all medicals for Insurance, HGV & Taxi Licenses, Sporting purposes etc can be arranged through reception.  There are not covered by the NHS, and the BMA recommended fee will be payable.

If you require a to whom it may concern letter for the purposes of work, benefits legal matters etc this is not covered by the NHS and will be charged according to BMA guidance. 

Treatment Room - this service is available Monday to Friday by appointment for the treatment of minor conditions, wound dressings, ear syringing, removal of stitches.  Please ring 01772 644700 to make an appointment.